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Considering Importing from China?

Whether you're a Business Owner, New Entrepreneur, E-commerce Retailer, Agricultural Producer, Innovator, or Aspiring for Financial Independence, we've got you covered.

We offer comprehensive import support to help you discover, bargain, and oversee the shipment of goods from China.

You can cut costs by 30% to 50% when importing directly from the manufacturer. Rely on the renowned China Trade Center to oversee your procurement ventures, guaranteeing efficiency in terms of time and expenses, and a smooth importing experience from China to Australia.

Why Choose the China Trade Center Group?

We work for you

We understand your desire for a competitive price, which is why we do not include any intermediary markups. All our prices are clear and straightforward for your convenience!



Honesty, responsibility, and ethics are the foundations of all our relationships. We take care of the interests and values of our clients, respecting the formality and legality of our business relationships.


We contribute to the improvement and evolution of the Australian market by providing privileged information, trends, fostering innovation, and delivering results-oriented strategies.


With 20 years of experience, we operate with a team of specialists in the fields of national and international exhibitions, workshops, business rounds, investment attraction events, business and government missions, and consultancy in foreign trade, among others.